Top Ten Anagrams for Carl Gustav Jung

Do you stay up late trying to figure out anagrams for Carl Gustav Jung?

(By now you must have figured out there is only one English anagram for Carl Jung — “Jar Clung.” I am not sure what the long implications of this Jungian fact are.)

Your anagram worries are over. After many sleepless nights, I have figured out for you, gentle reader, the top ten anagrams for Carl Gustav Jung. Sadly, there are no really memorable anagrams. (However, you can make “avuncular” out of his name. I like that.)

This should help you sleep much easier now.

Vacant Jug Rugs

Scant Vulgar Jug

Vast Narc Jug Lug

Jug Cravat Lungs

Cravat Jug Slung

Vast Car Jug Lung

Curt Gals Van Jug

Curt Slag Van Jug

Vast Curl Jug Nag

Curl Jugs Van Tag


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  1. Yes, Ms. Mattie, there is nothing like a good anagram to help you have sweated rems, er, sweet dreams.

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