Why stones?

After an unexpected heart operation and near death experience at the age of 52, I had an overwhelming impulse to build a stone cave.

After the two more heart interventions — the placement of stents — and another near death experience, I felt an overwhelming need to build a stone labyrinth.

Since my recovery from a severe heart attack, I have been trying to figure out how to build a circular stone dome, with stained glass windows.

I met someone last month who had a heart attack about the same time I did; he too, was drawn to build with stones.

What is it about stones?

In the last week of this blog, I have been struggling to understand Jung’s interest in stone.

He started the tower at Bollingen after the death of his mother; each of the stages of Bollingen were connected with different stages of his life.

I still don’t understand the mystery and pull of stones; I still will build with them as soon as the snow melts.

Heart Attack and Soul in the Labyrinth of Healing

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3 Responses to Why stones?

  1. “We must be sufficiently still in order for soul as well as the spirit
    of Osiris to be willing to enter the temple of our physical being. For
    this reason, it is quite possible that the alchemists chose the image of
    a stone to represent the goal of their work: a rock does not move—its
    duration is founded in immovable stillness. A stone appears lifeless, an
    apt metaphor for the part of us that is wholly devoid of soul, and, at
    the same time, a stone is a perfect vessel of receptivity. This explains
    an insightful recipe given by the sixteenth-century alchemist Gerhard
    Dorn: “Transmute yourselves from dead stones into living philosophical
    stones.”14 The lapis is a living embodiment of earth and heaven. ! e
    Field of Reeds was the quintessential image for producing this symbolism.
    This “field” of consciousness integrated the best of Egypt’s beloved
    land with the eternity of heaven.” p. 203 from my book, Embodying Osiris

  2. Very interesting amplification about stones — thanks —

  3. Hi,

    I just wanted to let you know that the recent series of mandala reflections have emotionally resonated with me. Keep up the fine process.


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