The Red Book Dialogues: Mike Chico and Analyst Michael Marsman

It’s a great irony of Mike Chico’s life: A building super who spent the majority of his life helping others create a secure living space, ran away from his own home to come to New York City.

At 56 years old, Chico is one of the many unique individuals interviewed as part of the Rubin Museum’s Red Book Dialogue series. He still struggles with his decision to join the rat race in Gotham more than 30 years after the fact. This — and a lot more — came out in his session with a Jungian psychotherapist at the Rubin. An image of a boat by Carl Jung reminded him of when he literally jumped ship. Click above to listen to the in-depth conversation between Chico and Jungian analyst Michael Marsman.

Talk to Me: Running Away to NYC

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