Synchronicity, Quantum Information and the Psyche

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Synchroncity, Quatum Information and the Psyche

Journal of Cosmology, Vol 3, pages 580-589.
Cosmology, October 8, 2009

In summary, some mental phenomena are not explainable in the framework of what we call “classical” mechanics. Let us cite, among others, the phenomenon of awareness, the correlations at a distance between individuals, and more generally the synchronicity phenomena. These three types of phenomena can be explained in the framework of quantum mechanics, particularly, thanks to quantum entanglement for the correlations at a distance between individuals (synchronicity phenomena of type I) and thanks to what we can call the classical illusion of the collapse of the wave-function for the synchronicity phenomena of type II.

Let us notice that the existence of synchronicity phenomena prevents the mental states to be reducible to physical states of the brain. The mental states are correlated to such states, probably via quantum entanglement, but they are not reducible to those states. Therefore this invalidates the materialistic hypothesis.

The projection of our subjectivity in the environment in which we live (synchronicity phenomena of type II), in agreement with quantum mechanics, refutes the local hypothesis (“each individual is in his parcel of space-time”) as well as the realistic hypothesis (“the object has a reality well defined independent of the subject who observes it”).

As an end let us mention a quantum effect that can have important consequences in mental phenomena, for example for awareness (for the emergence of consciousness). It is the Bose- Einstein condensation, in which each particle looses its individuality in favour of a collective, global behaviour.

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