On the Road with Carl and Sigmund

As evidenced in the last post on Freud and Jung’s Ill-fated Arctic Expedition, photos these days are not necessarily “real.” However, as Jungian analyst Brian Collison suggested in one of his comments, the imaginal realm is also very real. So herewith are other well-photoshopped images from the site: I would like to imagine they were possible. — they certainly seemed that way when I first saw them…. After all, Sigmund and Carl also must have been just regular guys, doing guy things….

Freud & Jung fishing halibut off the coast of the Rhine near Düsseldorf, ca. 1909.

Freud & Jung relaxing with freinds at a Turkish banya during a psychoanalysts’ retreat , ca. 1907.

Influenced by America’s burgeoning bohemian culture, Freud & Jung spent a short portion of their trip travelling the rails. Photo ca. 1908.

3 Responses to On the Road with Carl and Sigmund

  1. I particularly enjoy the image of Freud and Jung riding the imaginal rails together. To me, it has a real Laurel and Hardy feel… “Another fine waking dream you’ve got us into this time, Carl-ly!”

    These are very creative and, you know, somehow there’s some kind of truth right at the heart of them! Thanks very much for sharing these photos from “the other side”.

  2. I know only a little about Jung. I red some of his books and i have even been in his house in BOLLINGEN… but people are right… rest of his family seem a sect. They didnt do much to continue with his talent. Its a pity.

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