Bollingen: Completion


After my wife’s death in 1955, I felt an inner obligation to become what I myself am.

To put it in the language of the Bollingen house, I suddenly realized that the small central section which crouched so low, so hidden, was myself! I could no longer hide myself behind the “maternal” and the “spiritual” towers.

So, in that same year, I added an upper story which represents myself or my ego-personality…

I had started the first tower in 1923, two months after the death of my mother.

These two dates are meaningful because the Tower, as we shall see, is connected with the dead.”

Carl Jung

Memories, Dreams, Reflections

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  1. I am so very impressed with the courage of Jung; a highly educated, intelligent, and professional psychotherapist to risk whatever the cost might be to dare to be true to himself. He sets a gold standard of excellence of character and leadership in seeking to understand the inner depths of the human mind.

  2. Over the course of my childhood, I would build dozens of cubby-houses in the backyard,
    from my father’s hoard of building materials and other treasures he reclaimed. From my
    child’s perspective: that is one great cubby-house!!

    Our annual hard-rubbish collection is underway where I now live. I rescued a couple of
    books from the pile: An introduction to the work of C.G. Jung (David Cox) and A Book of
    Symbols (Prospero’s Library).


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