Remedios Varo: Creacion de los aves

Creación de los aves, 1957

From: The Science Of Remedios Varo
Excerpts from The New York Times-Science Forum

A woman with the feathers and face of an owl in one hand wields a paintbrush that extends from a violin hanging where her heart should be. In her other hand she holds a magnifying glass that refracts light from a star onto the page where her bird-in-progress is about to fly away. A Rube Goldberg-type apparatus collects stardust from another window and transforms it into the red, yellow and blue pigments from which the bird is drawn.
Thus, through Ms. Varo’s profound artistry, the origin of life is transformed, so that it can be seen for what it is: a warm-blooded miracle, a song taking flight.

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