Unleashing the American Psyche: What are Liberal nut jobs doing to this country?

The Anchorage Daily News picked up the Jungian satire on Sarah Palin on November 19, 2010 and to date there have been 180 comments.

I have noticed when I have visited other websites like the Huffington Post that articles about Sarah Palin seem to draw substantial (and usually emotionally charged) content. Until now, however, I had not fully appreciated how much enmity, venom, and polarization that the politics around Sarah Palin create.

Many of the responses were not to the article, but were political rants, name-calling and insults. One anonymous writer, naming himself after an automatic rifle (Ak57) said the article was “cowardly trash”.

Other comments, at the Anchorage Daily News site and from the Web, included:

This points leading to it just reiterate old stereotypes and character assassination..As for his psychosis, Liberalism is a Mental Disorder; especially in the area of equality, self-reliance and free-will.

Read the rest of the article, you’ll feel like you’re in some parallel universe. Do these guys really think this way? Or is this not to be taken seriously? Kinda hard to tell. I think these people believe this malarkey. This self, that self – I think this dude needs some professional help.

The Palin haters would know about hatefulness and contempt, wouldn’t they? I’ve never seen anything like it.

Who really cares what your opinion is? My prayer is America will wake up and see what you liberal nut jobs are doing to this country!

Source of Liberal Nut Job image
(Apparently “Caring” doesn’t include not calling other people names like “nut jobs”)

(Apparently I live in where people are “Caring”. Thank God.)

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