The Red Book Dialogues: Robin Chase and Bruce Parent

Robin Chase, CEO of online carpooling service GoLoco and former CEO of ZipCar, joined Jungian expert Bruce Parent to work through her issues with environmental decay, urban planning, global culture, and where the web is taking us.

This is a part of the Red Book Dialogue a lecture series at the Rubin Museum, which revolves around the first-ever publication of Carl Jung’s famous work.

We are now driving three times more than we were in 1970, yet it’s not clear that we’re any more happy about where we’ve arrived. Robin Chase brought her perspective as a transportation innovator and as a proponent of the internet for social good to discuss how the problems we face today can be overcome with Jungian expert Bruce Parent. They examined specific images within the so-called “holy grail of the unconscious” and how value and relationships will change in the future.

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