Ten Excellent I Ching Websites

It is my impression that there are more I Ching sites than sites about Carl Jung; the sites are everywhere. This is not a comprehensive listing of good I Ching sites, but rather ones that I have found to be well done.
(If you know of others, please let me know… Not quite up to ten yet…)


This site is run by Thomas Christensen, director of publications at the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco. It is the most aesthetic Yi Jing website I have come across. .


As it states on the home page,
“Welcome! The Great Vessel site offers on-going guidance, information, inspiration and practical help for anyone interested in the Yijing (I Ching), the Classic of Change.”
Stephen Karcher writes some of the best books on the I Ching, and approaches it in a deep, thoughtful and respectful way.

Richard Wilhelm’s I Ching translation, with commentary

There are numerous translations out there, and it is very interesting to compare them. This is from the Bollingen Press; Carl Jung wrote the introduction.


The Legge translation of the I Ching. (1899)


A computerized way to throw the I Ching, utilizing Wilhelm’s version, with close attention to changing lines. The best on-line computerized way of using the I Ching I have come across. A good way to start the day.

Wikipedia: I Ching

A good history and summary of the I Ching

The I Ching on the Net

Lots of links, some interesting, some obscure, some not so good.

An Online Guide for Students of the I Ching.

An excellent resource of scholarly material.

Forward to the Richard Wilhelm’s I Ching

Required reading for Jungians

I Ching Coffee Cups (!)

This is a commercial site where you can buy your choice of I Ching coffee cups.
Have some coffee with your I Ching.

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