Synchronicity and the Death of Jung

From Time Magazine
December 1, 1975

On the very afternoon that Jung died in Zurich, writes van der Post, “lightning struck his favorite tree in the garden.”

Van der Post was on a ship bound from Africa at the time. Unaware that his old friend had died, he had a vision of Jung atop the Matterhorn. He was waving and calling out, “I’ll be seeing you.”

Some years later, van der Post was filming a documentary at the Jung house in Zurich. “When the moment came for me to speak directly to the camera about Jung’s death,” he recalls, “and I came to the description of how lightning demolished Jung’s favorite tree, the lightning struck in the garden again.”

Van der Post’s achievements as a lucid and reliable journalist make it difficult to dismiss these strange experiences out of hand.


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  1. ONLY our ultra rational left brain “animus possessed” social gestalt would even WANT to dismiss them! As if we need permission from such as Jung–alas, I guess we do– to recognize what so many societies have been fully aware of for centuries.

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