Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your golden hair….


After they had lived like this for a few years, it happened one day that a Prince was riding through the wood and passed by the tower. As he drew near it he heard someone singing so sweetly that he stood still spell-bound, and listened. It was Rapunzel in her loneliness trying to while away the time by letting her sweet voice ring out into the wood. The Prince longed to see the owner of the voice, but he sought in vain for a door in the tower. He rode home, but he was so haunted by the song he had heard that he returned every day to the wood and listened. One day, when he was standing thus behind a tree, he saw the old Witch approach and heard her call out:

Rapunzel, Rapunzel, Let down your golden hair.’

Then Rapunzel let down her plaits, and the Witch climbed up by them.

`So that’s the staircase, is it?’ said the Prince. `Then I too will climb it and try my luck.’

So on the following day, at dusk, he went to the foot of the tower and cried:

`Rapunzel, Rapunzel, Let down your golden hair,’ and as soon as she had let it down the Prince climbed up.

At first Rapunzel was terribly frightened when a man came in, for she had never seen one before; but the Prince spoke to her so kindly, and told her at once that his heart had been so touched by her singing, that he felt he should know no peace of mind till he had seen her. Very soon Rapunzel forgot her fear, and when he asked her to marry him she consented at once. `For,’ she thought, `he is young and handsome, and I’ll certainly be happier with him than with the old Witch.’ So she put her hand in his and said:

`Yes, I will gladly go with you, only how am I to get down out of the tower? Every time you come to see me you must bring a skein of silk with you, and I will make a ladder of them, and when it is finished I will climb down by it, and you will take me away on your horse.’…
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So Jack has grown up, and now rather than climbing a beanstalk, he is climbing golden braids of hair to find the feminine, which has been locked away in a tower… Similar to the ogre of the beanstalk, there is witch that he has to deal with when he gets to the top of things…Long story short, they both have a lot of searching and crying to do until these parts of the psyche can be united….(All Jacob had to do was dream…. It helps to have the Self looking out for you…)

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