Nancy Miller, Holly Hunter and Saving Grace

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Nancy Miller has worked on some of the most female-centric shows on TV… Last year her newest creation Saving Grace premiered on TNT. Grace is one of the most interesting and wild characters ever to appear on TV. She sometime looks like a train wreck waiting to happen but always manages to pull herself together. What’s also interesting about Saving Grace is that Miller really questions issues of spirituality, in some ways challenges the audience to think uncomfortably about God, which is so rarely seen on TV. (More)

Usually I don’t like cop shows. Not that I don’t watch them when I feel like a zombie and watch television, I just think they are often a mouthpiece for a collective viewpoint for repressing the shadow and locking away the bad guys.

Saving Grace is different. Holly Hunter plays a very intense women police detective in Oklahoma City. She is unashamedly sexual, she drinks excessively, she is very emotional, very raw and vulnerable and she doesn’t believe in God (who has a major role in the series). A real wild woman. She is (mostly) comfortable with her shadow. She also is compassionate, tough, and someone you don’t mess with or she will slap handcuffs on you no matter how big or tough you think you are. In short, she is model for a new version of feminine possibilities.

The creator of the series is a woman (Nancy Miller). Yes. It would have to be. This is not a man’s version of an ideal woman.

I would hope that she would evolve psychologically out of being a cop chasing bad guys. Maybe she can become a Supreme Court Justice and oversee compassionate justice. Or maybe just President. In the meantime though, I wouldn’t mess with her.


Interview with Nancy Miller

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