..”they were both into Jung…”

The Red Book was part of the plot of Law and Order on June 9, 2010:

Excerpt from the plot line of Children of the Lost Blood:

A Goth-looking college student, Sarah Price, is found dead in her bed after a night of partying with a guy. Later, with Detectives Zach Nichols (Jeff Goldblum) and Serena Stevens on the scene, ME Rodgers determines Sarah has been exsanguinated. Nichols sees a new edition of a book by Carl Jung called the “Red Book” and it has a note inscribed from “K.” When Sarah’s sister Caroline, and father, an Ohio congressman (Dan Butler) arrive, her sister says Sarah like to read about the occult and thought her recent attire meant something was wrong. Her father thinks it was a phase. Caroline said Sarah hated her father’s world, the public life, and she longed to escape. Her father thinks whatever she found killed her….

Back at Major Case, Nichols watched a TV interview with Sarah’s father and comments that he used the word “phase” several times in the interview. Stevens has a record of a Kyle Wyler (Christopher Abbott) making several calls to Sarah. He dropped out of school last quarter and they decide to bring him in. Later, they have him in interrogation and ask him about the Red Book and he says they were both into Jung…

Jung has a bad rep about being associated with the occult… This show does not put him in a positive light, obviously… Have you noticed how many cop shows are on TV these days? Cop shows are often about the collective, about maintaining order and the fear of the shadow…. The collective probably has good reason to fear Jung… To believe what he has to say would mean that one would have to examine one’s personality and stop projecting one’s shadow onto other people… Whoa. That could be dangerous. Better get some cops here right away… It’s that other guy that is evil, not me…..


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