The Last Painting of Remedios Varo

Still Life Reviving, 1963


Remedios Varos died of a heart attack at the age of 54.

This is her only painting that I am aware of without people in it; it clearly is a painting foreshadowing her death (at least in this world).

For me, Art –at its best — is a reflection of the Archetypal World and a depiction from the Collective Unconscious. This painting is remarkable testament to the artistic process.


Carl Jung, after his heart attack in 1944:

I had the feeling that everything was being sloughed away; everything I aimed at or wished for or thought, the whole phantasmagoria of earthly existence, fell away or was stripped from me—an extremely painful process. . . .

This experience gave me a feeling of extreme poverty, but at the same time of great fullness.

There was no longer anything I wanted or desired. I existed in an objective form.

Memories, Dreams and Reflections


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