Chapter 4: Digging Within

One of the many uncanny experiences while working on the Stone Sanctuary occurred with the digging of the sunken circle.  It was originally conceived of as representation of a combination of enso (the minimalist circle from Zen Buddhism) and a mandala.  As with other the projects, it felt like something that needed to be done, without knowing why.

Old trampoline frames, which are 14 feet wide can come in very handy to outline such projects, and there just happened to be one at the local transfer station.

So the digging began, and to my amazement all the stones needed to complete the stone circle were within the area that had been chosen to dig. The excavation revealed fourteen large flat stones in the area wihtin the area outlined by the trampoline, and they exactly completed the stone benches of the sunken circle. What were the odds of finding such perfect stones in this one place?

It certainly felt like a concrete metaphor — or at least a stone metaphor — for finding what was needed by digging within.

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