Jung Blogger: La Bellette Rouge

It is always a pleasure to find (or to be found by) blogs with Jungian content.   It is particularly enjoyable to find  blogs written with style: Ms. Bellette writes with panache, irony, humor…

(Excerpt from her latest blog)

August 18, 2010

… I was hoping I would have a dream before the trip. We psychodynamic therapists are big on what dreams happened prior to big life events. I have been waiting all week for such a dream. No dream. I am writing this Tuesday night…so there is still hope for a big dream or a little dream or some kind of dream that might give me the smallest clue about what my psyche thinks about this journey. I think that the reason that I am not dreaming this week is that I am really tired. I am the kind of tired that has you falling asleep during your favorite show. When He-weasel convinces me to get off the couch and go to bed, I am the kind of tired in which I seriously consider not brushing my teeth, washing my face or applying the various creams, potions and jams and jellies that make up my pre-sleep ritual. I have interpreted my extreme fatigue and my inability to wear anything for the last week but the same black Gap tank top, black yoga pants and a black long sleeved tee, that I wear when I get cold because the air conditioner is too high and yet if I turn it down I will be too hot, as a depression. Only I don’t know what I am depressed about. I have nothing to be depressed about. I have asked myself if maybe I do and if I do what it would be—no answers have come.

[This is what Balette writes in “About Me”:]

Belette is a writer, psychotherapist and dream coach.

She has been writing the blog “La Belette Rouge” since 2007. La Belette Rouge was named one of the top ten blogs for Francophiles and is rated as one of the top 15 memoir and psychology blogs. Belette has published essays and short-stories. She has worked as an entertainment editor and had her own column.

Her writing is featured in “The Forgotten Patient” and in Jamie Cat-Callan’s upcoming release, “Bonjour, Happiness.”

She is presently working on her memoir, “Thursdays with Igor.”

She lives in Valencia, California with her husband and her dog-aughter, Lily

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