C.G. Jung: “When one lives for a long time in great solitude….”



The Anima Arises from the Unconscious….


The anima belongs to those borderline phenomena which chiefly occur in special psychic situations.

They are characterized by the more or less sudden collapse of a form or style of life which till then seemed the indispensable foundation of the individual’s whole career.

When such a catastrophe occurs, not only are all bridges back into the past broken, but there seems to be no way forward into the future.

One is confronted with a hopeless and impenetrable darkness, an abysmal void that is now suddenly filled with an alluring vision, the palpably real presence of a strange yet helpful being, in the same way that, when one lives for a long time in great solitude, the silence or the darkness becomes visibly, audibly, and tangibly alive, and the unknown in oneself steps up in an unknown guise.

Collected Work
Volume 13 Alchemical Studies
Paragraph 216

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