Carl Jung, on art and the collective unconscious


Carl Jung, on Art and the Collective Unconscious


The rapid and worldwide growth of a psychological interest over the last two decades shows unmistakably that modern man is turning his attention from outward material things to his own inner processes.

Expressionism in art prophetically anticipated this subjective development, for all art intuitively apprehends coming changes in the collective unconsciousness.

The psychological interest of the present time is an indication that modern man expects something from the psyche which the outer world has not given him: doubtless something which our religion ought to contain, but no longer does contain, at least for modern man.

The Spiritual Problem of Modern Man
Modern Man in Search of Soul, 1933
Collected Works Volume 10


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  1. I so agree with these words. It isn’t religion or the throw away society that we live in. Nor is the material greed that is all consuming allowing our people , especially children to feel “entitled”.

    It is in some form of spirituality which is probably an individual search which changes with time.

  2. As I was reading this and nodding in agreement, I realized the truth of my particular abilities given my artistic nature. So, I would add the following slight amendment to the above: “. . . for all artists intuitively apprehend coming changes in the collective unconsciousness.” This ability/sensitivity is becoming more of a blessing as I mature, but was quite a challenge when I was younger.

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