Jung: Acceptance of the shadow side

In reality, the acceptance of the shadow side of human nature verges on the impossible. Consider for a moment what it means to grant the right of existence to what is unreasonable, senseless, and evil! Yet it is just this that the modern man insists upon. He wants to live with every side of himself-to know what he is. That is why he casts history aside. He wants to break with tradition so that he can experiment with his life and determine what value and meaning things have in themselves, apart from traditional resuppositions.

“Psychotherapist or the Clergy” (1932). In CW 11: Psychology and Religion: West and East. P.528
Jesus-arm-wrestling devil

What is wrong with this picture?:
1. Sure looks to me like the Devil is more buff and stronger than Jesus, ie. he has the upper hand. Bet on the Devil.

2. This sure looks like a patriarchal/masculine struggle.

3. Where is the Feminine in this arm wrestling/pissing contest?

4. If only it were so easy. The shadow has much more to to with Shades of gray.

5. Why isn’t Jesus hugging the Devil? (Love thy neighbor, acceptance of The Shadow, etc.)


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  1. The whole ‘Christ-light’ thing has been misinterpreted by Christians anyway. Sorry, but I doubt too many of them would really understand the symbolism.

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