Joni Mitchell, Leonard Cohen and echoes of the I Ching

Earlier posts mentioned both Jodi Mitchell and the I Ching and Leonard Cohen and the I Ching.
Like the I Ching, the relationship is echoed in their songs.

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March 31, 2007
Just One Of Those Crazy Flings

For a few weeks in 1967 and 1968, Joni Mitchell and Leonard Cohen had a fling, the consequences of which continue to echo in their work.

Introduced to each other backstage at Judy Collins’s songwriter’s workshop at the 1967 Newport Folk Festival by Judy Collins herself, who was, in large part, responsible for jump-starting the musical careers of both singer-songwriters, Cohen and Mitchell were officially an item by the time the two of them co-hosted a workshop at the Mariposa Folk Festival. Their romance ignited, flared, and exhausted itself within weeks. Depending upon the source and the skew of ones perspective, preferences, and prejudices, Cohen either terminated the relationship himself for unspecified reasons or incited Mitchell to end it because of his interest in other women.

Cohen, who was then better known as a poet and novelist than as a musician, was almost 33 when they met; Mitchell was nine years his junior.

Conveniently, Cohen was often in New York where he would spend time with Mitchell, who was living at the Earl Hotel in the Village, and Mitchell was routinely playing dates in Montreal, where Cohen lived. Cohen also spent a month at Mitchell’s Laurel Canyon home when he was recruited by Hollywood in 1968 to score a movie based on his song, “Suzanne.” (Full Article)

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