Images of Alchemy: Mirror of the Philosophers

Spiegel der Philosophen
Mirror of the Philosophers
from Aurei Velleris, (Hamburg: bei Christian Liebezeit, in der St. Joh. Kirch, 1708)

Whoever desires to know the highest and most true knowledge of the Art and Wisdom of the high Wisdom should study this little book diligently, earnestly reading it over so that it brings them their wished-for goal.
Our matter is a Virgin. Its mother has conceived nothing. Come here, my beloved above all; we will help one another and bear a new son, who is not like his parents This is a king with a red head, black eyes, and white feet. This is the magistery.
See, I come to you, and am wholly prepared to conceive a son whose like there is no other in the wide world.

We will go and seek the nature of the four elements, which the alchemists bring forth out of the belly of the earth.
Here see the solution of the wise, and therefrom, our quicksilver.
Our stone is unyielding, a light, long, and noble sound that kills and makes alive.


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