Freud and Jung’s “Ill-fated Arctic Expedition”

Jung and Freud Photoshopped in the Arctic

“Freud & Jung posing for a photo during an ill-fated arctic expedition ca. 1912. One man and three dogs met their deaths during this endeavor. This traumatic episode put a great deal of strain on the two mens’ relationship.” (Source)

I must say, when I first came across the photos at this website, it was pretty exciting to see photos of Freud and Jung I had never seen before. I searched the web high and low for more information about Freud and Jung’s trip to the arctic, which I had never heard of before. Given the death of the man and dogs, it clearly must have been a unresolved trauma for both of them.

Did Freud and Jung really travel to the arctic together? Consider this photograph which shows the actual heights of Freud and Jung. Clearly, the creator of this website has a unconscious bias towards Freud:

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