Finding the Right Stone


I had run out of stones for the Stone Sanctuary, and was resisting another long drive and loading of heavy stones.
As I was passing the “transfer station” in Fairbanks, where people leave their trash, a small voice in my head said “turn, turn.” I had not been here for months, but, for whatever reasons, I turned. As I pulled in, there was a man unloading stones from a trailer. I pulled next to him, and helped him load the stones into my truck.  Apparently, he was taking apart a garden where the there had been stones — the woman who had owned the house had been driving a pilot car throughout Alaska, and would pick up stones that caught her attention. These were special stones.


I tried several different placements for one of the special stones…




It finally found it’s place at the beginning of the Fibonacci spiral...




Later, all of this came to remind me of Jung’s Orphan Stone from Alchemy, of the “stone that the builder’s refused became the cornerstone.”

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