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Understanding the Symbolism of Eggs in Dreams


In coming across Michael Cornwall’s excellent post about how Jung utilized emotion as a key in understanding the dream, I somehow got to wondering how Internet dream sites interpreted dreams of eggs.

In general, one has to be very careful of fixed interpretation of dream symbols.   If I remember correctly, Jung would sometimes tell his gardener about his dreams, as a way of helping him understand that the dream wasn’t about, since his gardener would inevitably give him a kind of fixed/folk interpretation.

Keeping that caveat in mind, here are some attempted interpretations of egg symbolism from the Internet.    So as not to encourage the fixed approach to dream interpretation, only one site is linked  (Tony Crisp’s), one of the better ones.



Apart from being food the egg is used in dreams to indicate your potential, the parts of you as yet unrealised or not fertilised by your conscious action or quality.

It might also represent the female ovum, prenatal life, being pregnant and from that the possibility of new life, new opportunities. Because of this connection with being unborn it sometimes is used to show a retreat from life, a desire to stay in the egg.

An egg is fragile and because it holds the potential of life, can express the feeling of vulnerability with something precious.

If the shell of the egg is figured it may be saying, ‘come out of your shell’, grow up, or even “I do not want any part of life out of the womb”.

Whether the egg has hatched or not shows whether what is new in your life has emerged yet, or is still latent and needing further caring support.

Eggs can also represent nourishment, and if being eaten again link with potential in this case nourishing your potential and helping it to develop.

The environment the egg or eggs are in gives a clue to the situation you are in regarding your potential and the development of what you are capable or. Basically you need to see if the eggs are protected, or in a difficult or threatening situation. If the latter, then you need to be more aware of how you are failing to support your own possibilities.


To see or eat eggs in your dream symbolize fertility, birth and your creative potential. Something new is about to happen. If the eggs are scrambled, then the dream represents your commitment on a set course. It may also mean that you need to accept the consequences of your actions. If you see eggs hatching in your dream, then it indicates that you will realize your goals. It also means that your ideas are coming to fruition.

To find a nest filled with eggs in your dream signify some financial gain; the more abundant and bigger the eggs, the more significant the gain.

To see cracked or broken eggs in your dream represent feelings of vulnerability or a fragile state in your life. Consider the phrase, walking on eggshells. Alternatively, you may be breaking out of your shell and being comfortable with who you are.


To see bright colored eggs in your dream symbolizes celebration of a happy event.


 Eggs are symbolic of something new and fragile. They represent life and development in its earliest forms and, as such, the possibilities are limitless. At times, eggs can represent captivity or entrapment.


A great omen! It indicates that a change is around the corner. According to old dream oracles from Egyptian times this dream is connected to life and spirituality and often represents our potential within. The meaning of this dream is to apply your knowledge and experiences that you have learnt in your life so far so that you can deal any problems in the future.

The general interpretation of having an egg in your dream is an indication of all the possibilities in life that have yet to come to the surface, if your dream involves eating eggs then this indicates the need to segment certain aspects of your life and to approach these as separate entities – in order for you to move forward in a different ways and face your fears and doubts. It is important that you face your fears in order to achieve success. If your dream featured a black egg then this is often associated with Satan and the sinister forces within. A black egg can also show fragility and may be connected to the family or perhaps a love relationship.

An egg can be taken as a symbol of spiritual development and awareness, this dream is often linked to progress life, you may need to escape a situation for a while as the situation is holding you back. To dream of cooking, seeing or eating an egg in your dream.


 Eggs are generally thought of as fragile things, easily broken or cracked.

When hit or hit against something from the side, this is true.

However, despite this flaw, the truth is the egg’s design is actually a marvel of strength as the video below shows.

The shape of the egg is basically the shape recognized the world over: the arch.

Arches are architectural marvels of strength as they compress the weight along its surface.

Dreams of eggs can therefore, indicate that the dreamer, while he may feel fragile, may even feel broken, has a hidden strength that perhaps he himself has not recognized or acknowledged.

Eggs dreams coming at a time in which the dreamer feels particularly vulnerable may be asking the dreamer to become more like the egg and the strength found in its arch shape.

That is, the dreamer must identity where her vulnerable spots are and nurture them, while simultaneously learning how to find strength along the lines she might not have previously considered looking.



To dream of finding a nest of eggs, denotes wealth of a substantial character, happiness among the married and many children.

This dream signifies many and varied love affairs to women.

To eat eggs, denotes that unusual disturbances threaten you in your home.

To see broken eggs and they are fresh, fortune is ready to shower upon you her richest gifts.

A lofty spirit and high regard for justice will make you beloved by the world.

To dream of rotten eggs, denotes loss of property and degradation.

To see a crate of eggs, denotes that you will engage in profitable speculations.

To dream of being spattered with eggs, denotes that you will sport riches of doubtful origin.

To see bird eggs, signifies legacies from distant relations, or gain from an unexpected rise in staple products.

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24 Responses to To Dream of Eggs…

  1. I had a dream recently about seeing a mature oak or elm tree with a large canopy of branches with leaves. There were two huge eggs nestled in the branches. In the dream I felt ivery intrigued by the sight of these large eggs and what creatures they might hatch. I don’t remember anything else but when I awoke I felt quite excited about the dream image of these large eggs in the tree.

  2. I’ve had a dream regarding having a carton of brown organic eggs. I’m not sure, but I think I was planning on baking a cake. I started cracking the eggs but each egg white was like blood and the yolk looked like or similar to a blood clot. I kept cracking the eggs and each egg was like the one before. I remember thinking, how all I going to eat these. I didn’t eat them, just thought more or less “how can I?” I didn’t use them for cooking. Just thought about what I was going to do with them.
    I woke up shortly after that.

  3. Also just had a strange egg dream. Someone was going to cook me an egg, one of those brown organic ones. I think it was a girl I dated briefly years ago. My current girlfriend was with me as well, the girl cracked the egg into a pan, then made two small slits in the yolk and blood came out. It had been a small brown egg, but when it was cooked we ended up with much larger amount of scrambled eggs than one small egg should yield.

    Very strange… Any ideas? Other symbolism in the dream were a room full of billiards tables, no balls on them though. A room full of dogs, and a guy giving me $700 to bring to someone else but demanding that I be responsible for repayment if the person did not pay his debt. Anyway…. egg part was probably the strangest though.

  4. Last night in my dream I was placing sparrow eggs for hatching purpose. What I see was the two eggs got broken or already hatched and sparrow babies were in it. What does this dream means? I have seen this kind of dream before as well with chicken eggs.

  5. I dreamed (two nights in a row) that I was sitting by a fire at night. There was a man nearby, (shaman?) who gave me an egg.When I cracked it open I saw a blade of grass iside. I knew it meant something but didn’t know what. I had a feeling of frustration at not being able to interpret its meaning.

  6. I’m up earlier than usual this morning because of my dream. My dreams are intense almost every night, and have been for a long time. I feel like this one has some major significance in my life. In this particular one I dreamt a beautiful older black woman had given me a perfect white egg, carefully placing it in my hands. I wish I could recall what she had said to me as she did’s almost as if she mouthed words to me without speaking. My surroundings were white..this is the only egg dream I have had before. Very interesting, my thoughts are stuck on it.

  7. please i had a dream that plenty eggs were hatching human beings. they were beautiful so i was standing there admiring them and saying they are beautiful. Then I saw an aunt in the dream who said there are plenty eggs at the other end that will hatch more beautiful then what I am seeing. After this i woke up from my dream.

  8. I dream of hatched eggs and after that day I got couples of blessings that I never expect and till now I keep receiving it.I dream again last night.all I know is egg dream is a good sign but not fully know the meaning so I searched it and this page appeared and omg! Everything there are happening to me.
    I am trapped in a bad relationship right now too and scared to end it,just really need to face my fear.

  9. Woke up very afraid and gaging after this dream. I googled it right away and I am very pleased. I am going through loving times with a new spouse and I am afraid because he loves me that much and its new to me “to be loved”.

  10. Dreamt of a fly entering the top of a boiled egg and going inside it only to exit a few minutes later followed by three other flies in succession.this happened again three times.

  11. I dreamt of an egg that was built into the base of a wall in my hallway. I knelt down to touch it and it was stuck in the wall but I picked off a piece of the shell (I think it was hard boiled) and it had a slight blue tint to it. I feel new beginnings around the corner and continued spiritual growth. I feel the egg could have symbolized the importance of strong foundations or that you are strong and mighty even if seemingly small and fragile like the egg 🙂

  12. I dreamed of having a dozen of eggs in my car that I new were ready to crack open but I didn’t want them to. In my understanding it was warm and the right temperature for the eggs to hatch but I wanted to keep them cool so they should not. Then all of a sudden while I was driving, when I stopped from one egg a big chicken came out, not a little one like normal, and it just run flew out of my car I could not even catch it.Then all the eggs hatched and gave chickens, all big enough to go on their own and no need to nurture them. I was surprised.

  13. I dreamed that I told a strange woman she should eat some eggs and I would fix them for her. I hunted for them and found two rather large free range perfect white eggs, but when I picked them up, they were both fragile and the shells cracked in many places. The membranes remained intact, so I felt if I could find a frying pan quickly I could still use them. I came into a strange kitchen looking for a frying pan and couldn’t find one or anything to use to cook these eggs. Then the owner of the kitchen showed up and I told her how important it was to cook the broken eggs quickly and get them to the woman, and the owner was helpful. We went to open the eggs and place them gently into the frying pan, then found that chicks were developed inside the membranes and were moving their partially formed wings. One even stood up on it’s abnormally tall thin legs. I said we can’t cook these eggs because they’re alive, and I was happy about that, but sad that something seemed wrong with the chicks, and that I couldn’t feed the woman I wanted to help.

  14. I’ve dreamed last night, it was really an unusual dream and I don’t know the meaning of it, that’s why I came to seek an answer. My dream goes like this, i went to wee and after i’ve seen a big egg like an ostrich egg that about to hatch in the toilet bowl where i used to wee, in my dream as well i saw my deceased mother, i was worried because when the egg was hatched, it was a baby boy inside, a beautiful baby boy and my mother carefully took him and tried to resucitate him because we thought that the baby that came from the shell was dead, but when my mother did that, the baby came to life. And then i woke up.. what is the meaning of it?

    Please help.. thank you

  15. I had a dream when i am having a nap at the evening around 04:30pm. In my dream i went to shop to buy an egg ,while i was buying an egg the shopkeeper unfortunately broke some of them ….
    I just want to know what does it means

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