Digital Fusion the and the Making of the Red Book

From the website Digitalfusion News:

The next morning, the Red Book arrived via black sedan among much security.

Although the dimensions were well known, it seemed larger and heavier than expected.

As it was unwrapped for the first time a hush and reverence filled the room becoming of the historic work.

As the Red Book was gently opened the condition was outstanding and the color and hand drawn art work was stunning. (more)

The list price for the Red Book on Amazon is $195.00 (What a bargain since it is so much less than $200!) They actually discount it at $122.95. It is a beautiful book and obviously costs more to make than your average paperback. However, this does seem a bit lit Big Pharma making money off of over-pricing drugs that can save lives (or, perhaps in this case, souls). I suspect that Carl would not be pleased.

A professionally done video of the making of The Red Book, with images from the book can be found on Youtube. It is actually quite impressive to see The Real Thing. Jung was not messing around when he did this; he clearly thought big. The opening of the book is compared to a religious experience.

At the end of the video, the headline reads, “From the author of Memories, Dreams, and Recollections”. Really? Jung wrote that too?


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