The Da Vinci Code and the Doctor of Symbology

The Da Vinci Code movie was fairly widely panned.   The plot was labyrinthian, the acting a bit wooden.  (Sorry, Tom.)

But I think it is an important movie about the movement and direction of the culture. Maybe not a successful movie, but it is headed in the right direction. Tom Hanks, Professor of Symbology, opens the movie up reading a book entitled,  Secrets of the Sacred Feminine. Whoa.   Has this guy been reading Jung or something?

And a Professor of Symbology?   Is there really such a thing?   When have we ever seen one of those before in a movie?   You mean symbolism might be something important? Enough so that Dr. Symbology assumes the leading role?

A number of Jungians believe that this journey of the finding of the sacred feminine is exactly where we are in the culture — awaiting the Second Coming  — and this time it will be in feminine form.    Jesus married to Mary?   Sounds like we are getting there.

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