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The Search for the Philosopher’s Stone

harry potter and the philosophers stone


“Now, one of the concepts that plays the greatest role in alchemy is that of the prima materia,

the prime or basic matter, the one stuff from which everything else is made.

People felt that if they could find out about that and it is still a topic in modern physics they could find the basic key of material existence.”

Marie Louise von Franz: Alchemical Active Imagination, Page 15


Hunted for centuries and never found, the prima materia or lapis philosophorum is,

as a few alchemists rightly suspected, to be discovered in man himself.

Collected Works ‘Vol 16  p188)


I was extremely disappointed in my youth to learn that the Philosopher’s Stone was not really a stone.

This recognition has not stopped me from playing with and building with stones, although it has helped me switch from a literal to a metaphorical interpretation of a alchemy and religion.

Perhaps the search for the Philosopher’s stone, as it for Indiana Jones, a bit dangerous.


indy and philo stone




Stone Sanctuary, Chapter 2: “Often the hands will solve a mystery that the intellect has struggled with in vain.”

  Not only is it a mystery to me of why the Stone Sanctuary needs to be built, but it is also it is also a mystery as to how my hands find the stones that fit. There is no conscious process of choosing to look for a stone with certain dimensions and angles —… Click to continue