C.G. Jung: On the road to wholeness


Carl Jung: On the road to Wholeness

Nobody who finds himself on the road to wholeness can escape that characteristic suspension which is the meaning of crucifixion.

For he will infallibly run into things that thwart and “cross” him:

first, the thing he has no wish to be (the shadow);

second, the thing he is not (the “other,” the individual reality of the “You”);

and third, his psychic non-ego (the collective unconscious).

  The Psychology of the Transference
Collected Works 16
Paragraph 470

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  1. Yes Steve,

    When one meets these things on ones pathway, it becomes very difficult indeed. I have run into things and people that ‘cross’ me indeed; such people know not what they do etc, and you do indeed feel like in a state of continuous suspension……. Naturally, they think they are smart, and that I am stupid, but, that’s what happened Christ too…

    I did’nt ask for it, but when on this path, one encounters these ‘things’….the Christian Archetype…….

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