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Carl Jung: “That is my stone. I must have it!”

The Rejected Stone   [youtube id=”a-PGEc8_Q5c” maxwidth=”750″]     The stone which the builders rejected Has become the chief corner stone. Psalm 118: 22 From Memories, Dreams, Reflections The story of how this stone came to me is a curious one. I needed stones for building the enclosing wall for the so-called garden, and ordered… Click to continue

C.G. Jung: “It might be said that the secret of Merlin was carried on by alchemy…”

Merlin Tutoring Arthur, 14th Century Merlin and Mercurius Merlin represents an attempt by the medieval unconscious to create a parallel figure to Parsifal. Parsifal is a Christian hero, and Merlin, son of the devil and a pure virgin, is his dark brother. In the twelfth century, when the legend arose, there were as yet no… Click to continue