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C.G. Jung, On the Symbolism of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary

“One could have known for a long time that there was a deep longing in the masses for an intercessor and mediatrix who would at last take her place alongside the Holy Trinity and be received as the ‘Queen of heaven and Bride at the heavenly court.’ For more than a thousand years it has been taken for granted that the Mother of God dwelt there.  I consider it to be the most important religious event since the Reformation. ” (Jung: Answer to Job)

In 1950, the idea that Virgin Mary was bodily taken up into Heaven was “dogmatically and infalliby”  defined by Pope Pius XII.

Jung became very excited about this as a symbolic movement in the Catholic Church towards the acceptance of the feminine.

However, there didn’t seem to be much follow through  on this one within the Church itself; it is as if the collective culture was not ready for it.    It does seem that now, early in the 21st century, that there is movement towards the absolute importance of one aspect of the feminine, towards the importance of  “Mother Earth” as something that is critical to our survival as a species.

In some ways, the development of ecology as  a scientific discipline — the recognition of the interconnectedness of all life — is part of this shift in consciousness.   It may not be soon enough to save Mother.

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